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Meet Usman, our PHP Developer, who is eager to improve the accessibility of our client's digital services.

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Tell us about yourself and how you got to where you are now…

I got my early education in my home town in Peer Mahal. During that time, we had a side hustle of farming, which I was doing alongside my father. We used to raise livestock and grow cash crops like rice and wheat. I loved observing the growing plants.

For my graduation, I moved to Multan. I used to take interest in solving software and hardware issues of PCs and laptops for my classmates. During my graduation, I came across different softwares and automation solutions for textiles, which inspired me to pursue the Information Technology field. After completing graduation, I got admission into Master in Information Technology and moved to Lahore.

During my Masters, I started an internship at Kodex Technologies, where I got the chance to be part of the website development team. I learned a variety of skills there, while developing different projects. That experience was wonderful. As soon as I completed my degree, I secured a job in Kodex as a Web Developer and I was there for almost two years. After that, I moved to the UK. Now, I am part of the amazing HeX Productions team.

What does your average day consist of (At HeX)?

I am a newcomer and I am currently going through my induction. I am actively learning a new working system. I complete my tasks given in Sprints regarding development or other technical tasks. I am excited to work further on different projects and explore more about improving the accessibility of websites.

What’s the favourite part of your job (At HeX)?

My favourite part of my job is to learn (from and where I can) and try new things in website development. I loved the idea of improving the accessibility of digital services with HeX Productions and I’m looking forward to learning and exploring it more.

I like the days when everyone comes into the office. It’s nice while doing work to have a little chit-chat and laughter relating to some activity or event that amuses me.

Who do you admire?

A little different for a web developer, but I admire mysticism and sufism. I admire Dr. Allama Iqbal because of his progressive thoughts, his concept of self-consciousness, proactiveness and perseverance.

In addition to that, I admire Abdul Sattar Edhi, for devoting his life to the service of mankind. Following his path, I want to establish an orphanage someday.

What is something few people know about you?

I think a lot of people don’t know that I do poetry in Urdu. It is mostly a reflection of my emotions. It helps me to understand my feelings better and increases self-awareness.

I love sketching and painting too. I also enjoy the classical music of South Asia.

What toppings would you choose on a pizza?

For pizza, anything except pineapple is good. I like thin crust pizza with some chicken, lots of veggies, cheese and olives. I love traditional Pakistani food – Saag is my favourite.

What are your top pet peeves?

I can hardly bear loud noises, especially traffic noise or shouting. 

If you could be anywhere, where would you be?

I love travelling. It could be a hilly place with woods and lakes, or a night in the middle of the desert in a cool breeze and a sky full of star. But the common thing is it should have silence, serenity, peacefulness and intuition. I would love to try and learn surfing one day, as it has always been on my bucket list.

Personal Motto?

My personal motto is to see the next step towards my destination and go ahead.

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