Embarking on the accessibility journey

Hex Productions are embarking on a journey in partnership with Shaw Trust

HeX Productions are embarking on a journey in partnership with Shaw Trust – an accessibility testing centre based in South Wales. After using Shaw Trust for accessibility testing on one our local authority projects, we got to know the team and realised the shared passion for a change in the industry.HeX Team outside Shaw Trust

At HeX, we are pretty accessibility savvy having had ten years experience of working with local authority clients, but feel there is more we can do.With the ambition to be the best we can, we are starting in-house to re-design and re-develop our entire website.  Working closely with Shaw Trust we are helping them to implement a process for working on a project from pre-design phase through to conception, whilst taking their advice along the way to ensure the websites that we are building are hitting AAA rating for WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidance) 2.0 standards.

We believe that every website should be accessible – this doesn’t just mean that a screen reader can read the content on a page, but also for sites to be easy to navigate, which is one of the biggest online challenges. We would like to work with higher education, having worked closely with Queen Mary University in London, to improve Service Design and Customer Journey to make it easy for everyone and not just the able.

Aside from this our mission to make a global change, to help designers, developers and business owners to understand. We want to affect change to legislation and improve standards that are acceptable throughout the industry as a whole. We are looking to consult to local authorities, higher education establishments and agency owners around the UK to stand together and make a change to online accessibility.

And if we can work directly with the body that govern WCAG – W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), to help the assessment and implementation of change, we would be even happier.

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