Why you should not rely on ‘cookie-cutter’ websites

Small businesses and start-ups always have limited financial resources when it comes to developing a presence online. With most of a business’s finances understandably being spent on ensuring the idea is sustainable and running efficiently, a website is not always a top priority.

However, as a business owner, you understand that marketing is a key tool for driving customers to the top of your sales funnel. In any business development material, you’ll read that creating a website is essential as you can a) sell your products on it and b) give customers essential information about your business and c) be ‘open’ for business 24/7.

Using a cheap ‘drag and drop’ website editor to create your business website can definitely be rather tempting. But along with the cheap, quick and simple factors come some significant risks, here’s why…

  1. Spot the difference 

    drag and drop editor

What sets your service or product above the rest? Think about it. This is your USP (Unique Selling Point). Your business is unique, so presenting your brand on a website that looks the same as othersimilar businesses is unprofessional and can help you instantly lose credibility.

Customers are becoming increasingly savvy about who they choose to purchase from, and so if your website looks even slightly less than professional, it’s in the customer’s interest to click that ‘X’ and spend their money with a more reputable brand.

  1. The website isn’t (technically) yours

So, you’ve decided to patent the service or product and it is, legally, your own property. Great job! However, you’re still using this theme and drag and drop editor so, as much as it may feel like your website, it isn’t. You are essentially renting both the theme and some server space. At the end of the day, you are using a proprietary system and many of the customisation options remain limited…unless you pay more.

Imagine you’ve set up a ‘drag and drop’ site but decided that you want a professional web design and development company to maintain the site? Unlucky, because a lot of these large ‘cookie cutter’ website businesses are less than forthcoming when it comes to handing over details. They’re also great at ensuring you incur charges to migrate the site over to your web developer of choice.

  1. Relying on one company

By signing up to build a website with a ‘cookie cutter’ programme, you are putting all of your trust in that company. You will always have to go through that company to edit your site. And, as mentioned above, they own your site completely. So, you’re tied to them, so to speak. And if they go bankrupt or change their terms and conditions, you’re stuck.

However, when you choose to have your website designed by a professional agency or website developer, they will hand it over to you and your team to manage or can set up a web maintenance service, so you don’t have to spend time on it. Generally, most developers will grant you access to the ‘back end’ of your site where significant changes can be made, as long as you continue to pay for hosting on the server.


Although budgets may seem tight, you should definitely consider getting a website designed by a professional rather than doing it by yourself. Although the money spent up front will be slightly more, your custom-built site will work harder for your money – it will be more reliable, look better and work better, plus the web design company will always be able to help with issues as you go along. With professional website, the possibilities are endless, giving you a unique site to match your individual brand.

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