Website upgrade for AKA Case Management

Another new project goes live!

We are delighted to have launched our latest project for AKA Case Management.

After contacting us for help, AKA Case Management now have a site that boasts easy navigation, a clean design and a professional look and feel.

Their old site was powered by a very hard to use content management system that staff didn’t want to work with or update. It’s features were very limiting and they were unable upgrade or add on new items to the site, meaning their content was old, images were old, and staff profiles were out of date.

HeX Productions helped by moving the site into WordPress to provide more flexibility in editing and updating content. The site’s look and feel is exactly the same, but can now be edited and moderated very easily.

We provided the team with in-depth training to allow them to grow the website on their own. Staff members are now enjoying updating the website again and being more proactive, and sharing more content, more staff profiles, and more blog posts.

We also provided secure web hosting and monthly web support services to help move the website forward with the team. Do you have a similar problem and need HeX Productions’ help? Contact us today to see how we can be of assistance!

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