My First Three Months at HeX

Find out how our apprentice, Jess, has found her first few months here at HeX

Web development apprentice, Jess, reveals what has lead to her coming to HeX and how her first three months at HeX have gone

Hello! Though this isn’t my first time writing a blog for HeX it will be my first time writing about something less work related, so first things first, introductions; my name is Jess, I recently turned 20, and two days before the Christmas of 2016 I decided it would be a good idea to move 150 miles up the country from Aldershot to Ilkeston following the completion of my last apprenticeship.

As mentioned, before joining HeX on the 10th of April I had another apprenticeship which was with a small company based in Guildford that produced feedback management software for the catering industry, during my time there I grew in a lot of different ways, expanded my knowledge of code and testing, got qualifications I otherwise wouldn’t have and by the time I was 19 I’d made designs which are still used all over the country. I’m hugely grateful for my time at Feed It Back, but beyond all the skills I learned there I learned what I didn’t want to be doing, and when it came time to leave though I was sad to leave the team behind it was definitely the best option.

At the time of writing this blog I’m almost exactly 3 months into starting at HeX, coming from a background with little to no web development or design experience and thanks to the support from the team I’m already doing work I never thought I would be as well as making progress towards a university level qualification, again, something I never thought I’d be doing. Despite all the positive changes this job has brought to my life I was originally really against taking on another apprenticeship since the last one had almost been a disaster, luckily though things are going a lot smoother this time around.

Something I’m especially happy with since starting at HeX is the fact I now have the drive and know-how to work on my own projects, which is something I’ve been wanting to begin for a long time now as a way of testing and expanding what I learn at work.

Since starting at HeX I’ve become more confident, comfortable and developed skills which will get me closer than ever to a job which I want to be doing and it’s my hope that after finishing this apprenticeship I’ll be kept on as a full-time developer and help grow the company more than it already has in the short time I’ve been working here.

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