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Navigating to specific video timestamps: Demonstration Page

Brief Explanation

This is a page that demonstrates a feature we’ve developed for our, and our clients’ websites.

The feature allows a video to be embedded on a page, with sections of content underneath it. Next to these sections of content is a button that navigates to a specific section of the video (a start and end time)

This is useful in many ways, specifically if there is a long-form video of which it is impractical to cut-down, but you’d also like to point readers to specific timeframes within the embedded video.

You can read our developer, Tom’s, explanation of how to emulate this feature in the following blogs:

The feature

Title for video section

This is where you'd explain where in your video the button will take you. In this specific example, clicking on the button will navigate you to 10 secs into the video, and then pause immediately at 20 seconds. You will also see a 'poster' before the section plays, think of this as a 'title card' to the section. This is included via the ACF, and is not actually in the video.

Navigate to 10 secs

Another title for video section

The button below will now take you to 1 minute and 20 seconds into the embedded video, and will stop at 1 minute 40 seconds. This time, there will be no video poster. Use the button below to navigate to the desired section

Navigate to 1m 20s