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Accessibility Consultancy and Training

We think that accessibility is essential, and if you’re visiting these pages, we hope you do too.

Consultancy for accessibility – pointing you in the right direction

We know that keeping on top of your websites and other digital services isn’t always easy. Especially if you’re responsible for many different aspects of your organisation.

But never fear, HeX can help you to keep your organisation’s digital services fully accessible to all. Without you needing to wade through legislation and guidelines. We offer consultancy services. We’ll ensure your sites are fully accessible and stay that way. With regular accessibility testing and accessibility upgrades. Plus, we’re always here if you have any questions along the way.

Assessing individual customer journeys

Pointing you in the right direction is important. But, making sure your customer is going in the right direction is essential. At HeX we provide assessment on individual customer journeys. From buying a product on your online shop to applying for a disabled blue badge using your online form.

We are able to make specific customer journeys accessible on an individual basis, without assessing the whole website. Our service comprises of the following stages:

1. Siteflow Assessment

This is where we assess the sitemap and wireframe to fully understand the customer journey. Including where the customer comes from, how they get to where they want to go, and how accessible this is.

2. Test

Once we’ve got a good idea of the map of the customer journey, Shaw Trust Accessibility Services’ will carry out an assessment. They employ disabled user testers with a range of impairments and disabilities who will assess your customer journey, testing its accessibility.

3. Recommendations/Fixes

We report back on the Shaw Trust’s findings. We give detailed feedback on how your web team can deal with any accessibility errors that have been reported. If you don’t have a web team or the capabilities to fix the issue, don’t worry. Our expert developers can help you break down the barriers and get your journey fully accessible.

You’re one step closer to achieving an accessibility accreditation.

Training for accessibility – future-proofing your website

If you have a web or digital team and want them to make sure that they take accessibility seriously we offer a range of tailored training. This gives them the skills to stay on top. Whether it’s just a basic understanding of how to create accessible content using a content management system (CMS). Or technical guidance on how to write accessible code, we’ve got it covered.

Just get in touch to discuss your requirements and we’d be happy to bring you on board our accessibility train.