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Content Management Systems (CMS)

What are Content Management Systems?

Many websites are now built into a Content Management Systems (CMS) – no matter what the website is about or how big the website is, there is always a content management system that allows content writers and webmasters to change, update and create things on the websites without having to access the complicated code.

The amount of access and editable content available does vary, so check with your provider before you purchase a system that is so securely locked down that you can’t edit the parts you’d like to.

There are also options to purchase themes from content management systems but these can also be restrictive and complicated to use. 

At HeX, we offer a fully bespoke, accessible layout, built for you, just the way you want it.  With our guidance you can create page layouts that are produced for your content. We will give you the power and control to add and remove elements within your bespoke layout so that you can be creative with your content.

Our CMS experience

The team at HeX have had years of experience in writing and coding for different content systems. Specialising in WordPress and TERMINALFOUR (T4) – we are able to migrate your website to a different content management system to make it easy for you and your staff to manage your website. Alternatively, we also offer maintenance packages that allow you to get on with managing your organisation whilst we update the CMS regularly, keeping your website up to date and search engine friendly.