Accessibility Audit

Why do you need an accessibility audit?

As an organisation, making your digital services (website, app or Intranet) accessible should be a top priority, allowing a wide range of people, specifically those with disabilities, to access your business. You should consider an Accessibility audit.

An audit from accessibility specialists such as ourselves will provide you with an actionable and detailed plan of where you need to focus your time and effort when it comes to making your organisation accessible, and open to the 20% of the population worldwide that have a disability.

Accurate and reliable accessibility testing

Using both automated and manual user testing, we will evaluate your website or digital service and report on how well this supports the needs of disabled users.

Carried out by our accessibility specialists, as well as tried and tested automated reporting software, we aim to provide you with accurate and expert audits that will give you the power to make actionable accessibility changes.

WCAG 2.1 Accessibility Audit

We work to provide accessibility audits based on the most up to date accessibility guidelines, the WCAG 2.1. What do our audits provide for you?

  • An in-depth analysis of manually and software identified accessibility issues on a page-by-page basis
  • A list of best practice and an outline of specific areas of improvement
  • Identification of areas that violate W3C WCAG 2.1 guidelines
  • Image capturing of specific areas where violations occur, allowing development teams to accurately pinpoint the areas requiring remediation
  • A statement of why each accessibility issue is a problem, and why you should make the changes
  • A summary of the level of compliance with WCAG 2.1.
  • An accessibility statement compliant with standards

Conducting a web accessibility audit

It’s important that those who have an audit completed by the HeX Productions understand the processes that we go through to ensure that this audit is right for them and their organisation.

  1. Firstly, we use accessibility testing tools to develop a good initial understanding of areas that are or are not accessible with a technical overview. The report gives us an overall view of the website and allows us to pinpoint specific areas of interest for a full manual review.
  2. Our technical and content accessibility specialists run through the digital environment, page by page, identifying key templates or re-occurring elements. This involves the use of keyboard tabbing, screen reading software and other forms of simulated assistive tech.
  3. Based on our findings, an accessibility audit is created that will help you identify areas of your service that are inaccessible.
  4. We can also support you with simplified, plain english descriptions and demonstrations of how each error affects your user.

There is also an option to have us either; provide your development team with an in-depth description of the errors and how to fix them, or offer development support to help get the job done.

Deliverables of an accessibility audit

Our accessibility audits deliver a specialised and bespoke service to check your website, sub-sites and intranet to identify common issues. As part of the accessibility auditing process, we promise you the following deliverables:

  • Either a short summarised list of the common errors and a description of the issues that have been identified.
  • Or a full report detailing the errors and how to go about fixing them.
  • A list of areas that do not meet WCAG 2.1.
  • Recommendations – Information on areas that are not specifically in breach of WCAG 2.1, but areas that could be improved in terms of general usability.
  • The option for a support call after you have been supplied with the audit to be able to ask us questions and query aspects of the audit.
  • Live demonstrations of assistive technology and how it interacts with the problem areas of your website.
  • Support to produce your accessibility statement with actionable steps for improvement

Testing with a pan-disabled user testing team

Once your site has progressed to an agreed level of conformance and we have made some positive changes based on the recommendations from the audit, we will also recommend that you are tested and accredited, by our delivery partners, Shaw Trust Accessibility Services.

This will provide invaluable insight and the assurance that you are getting things right for your user. You’ll be able to identify, understand and iron out any final issues that disabled users face when accessing your digital services. You also have the added benefit of showing an accreditation certificate on your website to show your commitment and be safe in the knowledge of having your website tested by a pan-disabled team of user testers, using a wide variety of assistive technology.

The public sector legislation states that you must use disabled users in your testing and it is the only way to get the full picture on how your website is performing. We have written a blog to help you understand User testing vs automated testing for accessibility, which was published by Scope.

Need an accessibility audit?

Accessibility is usability, making improvements to your website is good for everyone. Your user journey will improve for everyone when you consider a broader range of user. Are you interested in making your digital services accessible to the disabled community and understanding how you can become more accessible?

Get in touch using the contact form below, or call us on 0115 888 2828.

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