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Deaf awareness training

Our interactive and informative training demonstrates how all organisational employees, from customer services staff to top-level directors, can become Deaf aware.

One-third of the world’s population is hard of hearing (HOH). There are also more than 800,000 users of British Sign Language (BSL) in the UK. For many, the way that these users communicate is different to those with hearing.

Our aim is to raise deaf awareness to help organisations upscale their communication offering, aiding them with becoming more inclusive to the Deaf community.

Who will benefit from our Deaf Awareness course

HeX’s Deaf Awareness Training is available to anyone, at any level of their career. However, it is most suited to those who:

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  • Interact with customers on a day-to-day basis
  • Those in a digital role wanting to adapt their online content or communication support
  • Staff members responsible for recruitment or retention 
  • Those in a equality, diversity, and inclusion role
  • Managers or team members with Deaf employees or colleagues
  • Those in teaching or education support roles

An overview of our Deaf Awareness Training courses

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Deaf people can feel isolated from society as they miss out on conversations in everyday life, due to communication barriers. This information they are lacking can be vital, sometimes even critical.

There is a need for organisations to understand the best way to communicate with Deaf people and understand the common obstacles they face. This is both the challenges a Deaf person may come across when face-to-face or within the digital world. 

Deaf Awareness course learning topics 

We aim to cover the following information as a basic introduction into Deaf Awareness. This will help your organisation gain an understanding and skills in: 

  • The effects of hearing loss
  • A basic understanding of Deaf Awareness and knowledge of the barriers faced
  • The correct terminology to use when referring to people within the Deaf community
  • Different definitions and levels of deafness
  • How people communicate using British Sign Language (BSL)
  • Learn basic BSL through fingerspelling 
  • Other effective forms of Deaf communication methods  
  • Best practices for a business to communicate effectively with Deaf users
  • Delivery of services to Deaf people using online methods
  • Ways of working with an interpreter

We can tailor our bespoke training around your organisation’s individual needs.

If there are any specific requirements not mentioned in our learning topics, let us know, and we can adjust our session accordingly.  

What our Deaf Awareness course will help you achieve

Your learning outcomes will:

  • Learn new life skills
  • Have a better understanding of Deaf awareness
  • Enhance your communication skills with Deaf people 
  • Have greater confidence in interacting with Deaf colleagues or customers
  • Improve your organisation’s accessibility offering  
  • Be able to give an advanced level of customer service
  • Show your organisation’s commitment to inclusion

How we deliver our Deaf Awareness Training sessions

HeX has a dedicated British Sign Language (BSL) translator and trainer, Simon Miller, who will conduct our Deaf Awareness Training courses.

We can offer training at a time that works best for you. This informative session can be either face-to-face or delivered via an online video conference call.

We also offer a BSL translation service for your online content

Along with Deaf Awareness Training, we also offer a BSL translation service.

This service transforms your online content into a BSL-translated video. This can take place to adapt many forms of content, including:

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  • Blogs
  • Web pages
  • Whole websites
  • Emergency announcements
  • Policies or guidance documents 
  • Video content translated into BSL  

Interested in one of our Deaf Awareness courses?

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