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Digital Accessibility Consultants

Accessibility is inclusivity. Creating accessible digital services helps everyone to find your website and understand it better. Our experienced digital accessibility consultants can help you to become better at what you already do well.

As an organisation, knowing that you want to be more inclusive is the first step in your accessibility journey, whether this is because legislation requires you to be accessible or you understand that it’s the right thing to do.

Understanding how accessibility impacts your team, your products, and your services

We want to help you develop a new understanding of what accessibility means for you, your customers, and your team and show you how this can translate into a competitive advantage.

Working from within, our web accessibility consultants will help manoeuvre your organisation around the obstacles of implementing accessibility and help you to understand the journey that will be adopted across all areas of the organisation.

We help you to see the individual and portray your personal approach.

Understanding where we can help you increase your knowledge 

HeX Productions have experience in public, private and third sectors as well as further and higher education and understand the budgetary, operational and organisational challenges that new ideas can present.

We can assist you with the following areas of your organisation as part of our consultancy offering:

  • Accessibility audit and review of your digital assets, including websites, intranets, and extranets.
  • Representation at Stakeholder and leadership meetings to assist with cultural acceptance.
  • Presentation of business case arguments to Stakeholders in the organisations.
  • Plain text explanations of the issues that you currently have with your digital services.
  • Help you to understand how the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) apply to your digital services
  • Assistive technology (such as screen readers) demonstrations of key areas in your digital landscape, allowing you to understand further the accessibility issues presented.
  • The opportunity for you to travel to meet the team of usability testers that have a range of disabilities.
  • The production of an Accessibility Statement that fits your organisation.
  • Advice to your team on how to produce and continue to produce accessible digital assets.
  • An action plan of deliverables and timescales of when these can be completed.
  • Free accessibility tools and guidance that your organisation can use to improve accessibility and inclusivity.
  • Tools to ensure that you can assess, assure and maintain an accessible status.

Our accessibility experts can also help you with awareness-raising, and you must visit our training pages to see how we can bring the entire team’s knowledge together.

Why HeX delivers accessibility differently to most

HeX has partnered with the pan-disabled user testing team at Shaw Trust Accessibility Services to deliver an end-to-end accessibility solution for creating accessible digital services.

Our accessibility services can be delivered on a modular basis, allowing room for you to find the right solution to fit your business and be safe in the knowledge that we have everything else covered should you need additional support.

We have a team of dedicated experts on hand to help support your accessibility journey; these include:

  • Service Designers
  • Content Designers
  • Graphics/Web Designers
  • Web Developers
  • Project Planners
  • Change Leaders
  • End-user testers

Providing the solutions for your accessibility needs

We can show you why you should be caring about your accessibility status.

Our digital accessibility consultants have worked on a number of projects and web estates for organisations with 400+ micro-sites, demonstrating that no project or organisation is too big or too small for us to help.

Our extended team have international reach and understands the risk of litigation. We have helped clients worldwide to avoid lawsuits. This is why we are keen to spread the message in the UK before it becomes a real problem.

We work effectively to assess, implement and/or audit development frameworks and digital landscapes to ensure you have the confidence you need to say that you are accessible, that you care about quality and that you adhere to The Equalities Act.

Let our expert digital accessibility consultants share their knowledge with you

Why do you believe accessibility is important? How can we help you?  What do you need to achieve? Let’s sit down and chat about what we can do to help your organisation when it comes to accessibility and allow you to understand more about what we offer. We can show you how to create a better and more accessible online experience for everyone.

We offer a no-obligation initial chat to talk you through what you may need and what our accessibility consulting can do to ensure you meet the requirements necessary to allow your users to have a seamless journey throughout your digital ecosystem.

You can get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about how we can help you.

We also have a list of essential reading material if you are new to accessibility

Plus, if you want to see everything accessibility-related that we’ve been up to, from case studies to blogs, you can visit our Accessibility page.