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Social media management

Social media is everywhere and it can be a great (and cost-effective) tool if used properly, especially because 66% of the UK’s adult population were active social media users in 2018. At HeX, we spend lots of our time on social media, because it’s a great place to find like-minded people, make connections and communicate in a less formal way.

How to boost your social media presence

Here are just some of the reasons that getting your business successfully onto social media is a no-brainer:

It’s fun and gives customers a chance to know the real you

We can help you achieve the right balance between professional and social

People can like and follow your work

Prospective customers will always get to hear what you have to say without any additional effort from you.

Directing traffic

Social media is a perfect tool for directing traffic to your website. Sharing information, products or projects, linking back to your website for more information.

Low costs, high conversions

It’s really easy to be seen by large numbers of people, due to the viral nature of social networks, at a fraction of the cost that advertising would cost

Analytical data

Social media analytics make it really easy-to-measure results and find, target, track and measure the people you’re looking to engage with

Search engine ranking

Having regular, engaging content on social media is great for your SEO rankings – and we offer support agreements where we’ll provide you with videos, images and rich content to reward your followers, and maintain engagement levels.  

Targetted marketing

There are new social media channels being developed all the time. As much as we like Facebook and Twitter, as new channels aimed at different audiences develop, so can the benefits and ways of using them for your specific industry.

To chat with us about all things social, to hear about our social media management packages or for anything else, feel free to get in touch.