Higher Education Support

Services for the higher education sector

The team at HeX have worked with universities abroad as well as in the UK, including Longwood University in Virginia and the world famous Queen Mary University of London. Because of this, we understand how universities work and the environment they are working in, with large and complex websites, many departments and competing for internal requirements.

Content Management Systems (CMS) in higher education

We appreciate the need for a core Content Management System (CMS) which works smoothly for many users and roles, allows for quick and easy microsite creation and can manage multifaceted content needs from departments. HeX offers a consultancy service and can work with any enterprise CMS, however, we have lots of experience working in partnership with TERMINALFOUR and with WordPress.

Digital presence

Universities are under pressure to offer students value for money, and those students have high-expectations in terms of the university’s digital presence. We can help you to deliver a fully accessible, clear and multi-browser/ device compatible website to meet the needs of all staff and potential students, including those in an international market.

Ensure you’re seen by your target audience with effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We offer support to help your site compete with the .com and .co.uk sites out there, by working with you to tailor your content using keywords and other good practice.

User experience, user interface and accessibility

Our website projects focus on your customer journey, user experience and accessibility, as all sites undergo comprehensive usability and browser testing as part of the process, and all are accredited as accessible by charity accessibility experts, Shaw Trust Accessibility Services.

We’ll also provide CMS training for your teams on using TerminalFour or WordPress, and we can also deliver general writing-for-the-web, usability and customer experience training to make sure your wider web team is delivering the standards you’d like to maintain.

If you want to know more about disabled student support in higher education, including important statistics and research, you can read the Office for Student’s Review of Support for Disabled Students in Higher Education here.

Support for your higher education establishment

Whatever happens, the team won’t leave you high and dry – we’re on hand for advice, training, support and help with both content and technical aspects of your digital world – with HeX, your higher education site is in good hands.  

We offer maintenance contracts for peace of mind that we’ll be here to keep your system up-to-date, make sure site security is tight and perform design and style tweaks whenever you need them. For our maintenance clients, our whole team  is available to you for help with anything else you would like assistance with.

Remote Web Support

If you would like to relieve some of the strain from your web team we can provide remote web support via an e-ticketing system. Providing dedicated support to your wide range of editors will help you to concentrate on the larger projects.

Web Editor Training

We can also help you with basic web editor training programmes and even formulate an advanced group of subject matters experts, update your documentation and encouraging your editor skills to be maintained in-house.

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