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Web accessibility for developers training

Our robust web developer training details how to place accessibility at the forefront of every development project.

The overall architecture of your web estate is essential, and maintaining accessibility is a key aspect. In this web accessibility for developers training, we focus on technical steps and best accessibility practices for Front-end Developers. 

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Who will benefit from HeX accessible web development training

This course is primarily aimed at Front-end Web Developers. However, designers and managers who want to gain a deeper understanding of the impact that design considerations have on the development stage may also wish to attend.

Front-end developer web accessibility course overview

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Unfortunately, accessibility is not always at the forefront of web development tasks. However, we can help to change that! We can upskill and educate technical teams on how to produce accessible, media-rich and attractive-looking page structures and styles. 

In our interactive training, we focus on practical web accessibility steps for developers. We’ll introduce the importance of semantic HTML, and embed good practices like the effective use of WAI-ARIA. You will also get a chance to see first-hand how assistive technologies, such as screen readers, interact with a website. Helping your teams to implement accessibility and focus on useability on each and every project.

Overall, you’ll learn how to develop and assess your web accessibility and ensure it meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA standards. Ensuring your digital information, resources, and services are inclusive for all users.

Digital accessibility learning topics for web developers

Web accessibility for developers learning topics include:

  • A focus on inclusive design and wireframe analysis. Looking at a website’s structure, page layout, and content type elements 
  • The importance and advantages of the use of semantic HTML
  • Hands-on assistive technology demonstrations, including screen readers, voice control, and keyboard accessibility. This will provide a deeper understanding of accessibility barriers people with disabilities face online and how they navigate accessible websites
  • Learn how to create an accessible digital form
  • Embedding accessible E-Commerce interactions
  • Audit demonstrations and live code reviews
  • Learn how to perform your own web accessibility audit testing, using automated testing tools. This will allow you to assess a broad range of accessibility issues of your own website and test its features and content are inclusive
  • Accessible HTML, HTML5, and CSS techniques
  • The use of WAI-ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) and JavaScript. Learn how to bring your website to life and build applications with the correct validated structure and context
  • Practical applications, using screen readers
  • An introduction to VoiceOver/NVDA/JAWS technology and the optimal use of cheat sheets

If you are currently working on a project, let us know. We can tailor our sessions to include hands-on web development workshops, focused on assessing and improving your own content.

What our training for web developers will help you achieve

  • Understand what web accessibility means in development decisions and its impact on a site’s accessibility and useability
  • See how someone with a disability uses assistive devices, such as users of screen readers or keyboard only, to interact with your web pages
  • Benefit from an array of new technical skills to implement accessible layouts and html elements 
  • Have the confidence in delivering high-level accessible sites. Each complying with web accessibility standards, enabling users of all abilities to access your platforms
  • Have the power to seek out and mitigate web accessibility flaws within your online structure or web page content 
  • Have the opportunity to put your skills into practice whilst in our sessions, for instant feedback and guidance
  • Gain expertise in creating actionable steps to complete for inclusive site improvements
  • Be empowered to confidently explain your accessible development decisions to colleagues and clients 
  • Enhance the overall digital experience for your online users
  • Improve accessibility on your platform for someone with a disability, such as visual impairments or cognitive impairments  
  • The ability to develop accessible interactivity
  • Put accessibility at the forefront of all future development projects

How we deliver our web developer training courses

Our accessibility experts understand that your web developers’ time is precious, and there may be some accessible technical elements that you are already knowledgeable about. That’s why we can tailor our sessions to meet your individual needs. 

We offer full or half-day developer web accessibility training at a time when it works best for you.

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With a choice of:

  • In-person sessions
  • Online training
  • Pre-recorded training to watch in your own time
  • Or a mixture of these options!

Interested in our web accessibility for developers’ training?

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