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Inaccessible website reporting methods

Our vision

HeX’s vision is to create an accessible online world that is easy for everyone to navigate. Since 2017, our focus has been helping organisations in the UK and around the world become more inclusive to those with access needs. 

We’ve helped many public sector organisations champion accessibility, opening up their websites and apps to those with access challenges.

In 2018, we helped consult Home Office Digital on the creation of the new Public Bodies (Mobile and Applications) Accessibility Regulations. 

Since then, accessibility has been embedded into everything that we do. We don’t stand for inaccessible websites or digital services. Everyone deserves to be able to access the internet without barriers. 

We’ll not stop until everybody has an accessible digital service. 

Public sector accessibility legislation

legal balancing scales

In 2018, a legislation was brought into UK law stating that all public funded organisations must have accessible digital services that comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 standards.

How can you help promote an accessible online world? 

We believe that the best way to understand accessibility is from the perspective of a user.

We’re asking disabled users, and those who face barriers on websites, to share their experiences and directly challenge the organisations who are not focusing on accessibility. 

There are a number of ways you can do that: 

Contact the organisations

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The best way to get through to organisations who are not taking accessibility seriously is to hear it directly from the users. That’s you. 

Let your local council or local authority know that they need to be accessible. To make things easier, we’ve produced a template letter that you can send to a publicly funded organisation, whether that’s sent directly via the post, or attached to an email. 

Who to contact

Local authorities

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GOV.UK has produced a handy guide to find out who your local authority is and the best contact method. 

If contacting them via social media, don’t forget to add the campaign hashtag #DigitalAccessibilityMatters to your post and tag us (@HeX_Productions) or use #HexProductions

NHS Trusts

The NHS is split into a number of different trusts, with each trust responsible for their own individual digital provisions. 


Schools, colleges and universities also have a responsibility to ensure their administrative functions are accessible. So, if you are unable to fill out forms or access information, they also have to up their game.

Other organisations

Every organisation providing digital services, whether in the public or private sector, has a responsibility to provide information in an accessible way, under the Equalities Act 2010. Please feel free to challenge anyone who’s services you are unable to access.

Who else you can contact

You can also contact organisations such as Shaw Trust Accessibility Services, who have recently been running an initiative where they will contact the organisation on your behalf. Email them the URL of the inaccessible website and let them know what error you have discovered.

There is more great advice on Scope’s website on further reporting methods.