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HeX Productions secure accessibility contract with the world’s largest operating system

Written by Cheryl Swan on

Nottingham-based digital agency, HeX Productions, has secured a contract with the worldwide computer software giant Canonical.

HeX Productions is a cutting-edge, accessibility-focused digital agency who are shaping the way that people access online services on a global scale. 

The team will soon be eagerly setting to work in assisting the global company Canonical with its accessibility needs for and surrounding web services. Canonical publishes Ubuntu, provides commercial services and solutions, and works with hardware manufacturers, software vendors and public clouds.

Together with a community of 200,000, Canonical publishes, provides commercial services, and creates solutions for the Open Source platform, Ubuntu. An operating system that runs from small, connected devices up to the world’s biggest mainframes.

HeX Creative Director, James Hall, said “We are all really excited to continue to work with the team at Canonical. Following a really enjoyable training session, you can see the team’s eagerness and desire to make their products accessible. We are delighted to continue the accessibility journey together.”

James Hall

HeX will be providing accessibility support and consultancy to help manoeuvre the popular public cloud platform around any accessibility obstacles that may be impeding users from accessing its leading-edge services. Aiding in streamlining the workstation experience for the world’s most productive developers. The accessibility specialists will be guiding Canonical through its accessibility journey, helping them to adopt an inclusive online outlook, building platforms with accessibility in mind, and strengthening its digital services for all.  

Growing from a small company, starting in a back bedroom, HeX has flourished into an established team of accessibility experts, helping businesses to achieve inclusive digital accessibility. HeX was recently recognised for its outstanding accessibility work, winning the prestigious Nottinghamshire Live Business Award, in the Digital and Technology Excellence category. 

The digital agency is going from strength to strength and dominating the accessibility field, providing accessibility services across seven countries with the industry’s largest names.