Find out how property development company, Veris benefited from HeX's help

Property development company Veris, a division of Newark and Sherwood Homes, came to us in April 2017 looking for help in creating a new website as they launched their company.

And we really enjoyed building their brand new, beautiful, contemporary website. They brought with them a modern branding guide and our designer Matt took that and ran with it, using their logo and colour scheme and creating a bright, crisp look for their new site.

Matt commented that the project was very enjoyable to work on, as the brand guidelines he was given were comprehensive and the client gave him freedom to use them.

As a new company, Veris wasn’t weighed down with hundreds of pages of content which needed to be transferred, which enabled us to create clean and concise navigation for their site, supported by eye-catching button designs. The site’s navigation centres around a few important elements – showcasing their Belle Vue Park development in Blidworth, an About Us section, introducing the company, a rundown on services offered and a simple Contact Us form powered by Jot Form.

Once the design was approved, HeX’s web developers built the site using TERMINALFOUR (T4), the content management system used by parent company Newark and Sherwood Homes.

We have vast experience of working in the T4 environment, and we were able to use it to build a responsive site which looks great on any device and across multiple browsers.

Whilst we kept the site functionality simple, we created a Veris news repository to give the company chance to promote their latest updates. The top news story automatically appears on the homepage, helping it stay current without any extra effort needed by the person adding the content.


After the finished site was signed off, we ensured Veris staff received full training so they felt confident to amend and update their new website, before we handed it over to them. However, as Veris is a company in its infancy, as they grow and build more housing stock, we will develop their site to contain a property search function, similar to Rightmove. Currently they sell their properties through an estate agent partner.

HeX is proud to have delivered a smart, user friendly website for Veris and we look forward to developing their site for them as they develop as a company.

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