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The use of WordPress restricted members only areas to enhance user engagement

Plugins are the backbone of a WordPress website, which offer diverse functionality across website builds. Due to our expertise in adapting bespoke coding, we can create dedicated membership areas to effectively monetise and increase engagement of your platform.

The power of membership sites is unparalleled, providing a unique way to engage with your online audience. These restricted areas can be utilised to entice users to subscribe and pay for premium and exclusive materials or by adding value and increasing engagement for free members of the website. 

In turn, this can help your organisation to: 

  • Increase traffic and income.
  • Encourage community engagement.
  • Enhance customer loyalty.
  • Gain valuable user-data to help build leads for your organisation.
  • Help with future targeted marketing. 

Giving exclusive access for your users

To give exclusive access to key areas of a website, we can create a range of subscription-based signup forms or build in a series of unique user group or member profiles. These can provide various levels of access rights for users, which can be easily managed and maintained by your team. 

Through categorisation and tagging of resources we can protect your content and limit who can and cannot see restricted items according to the user’s level of membership.

Our membership areas will include:

  • A robust registration system 
  • Password-protected categories 
  • Payment gateways, linked with Stripe, PayPal, WooCommerce and more 
  • Member profiles 
  • The ability to invite users to subscribe for content 
  • Access to a searchable member directory 
  • Customised accessible online forms
  • Automated notifications  

Restricted access can be to some or all your site’s content, including digital resources or physical products, such as:

  • Downloadable resources tailored to your members interests
  • Informative podcasts and videos
  • Webinars and live sessions
  • Cloud-based services
  • Key web pages
  • Online forms
  • Community forums
  • Self-service user accounts
  • Payment methods
  • Product offers and discounts 
  • Information portals
  • Private profiles 
  • Invite-only events
  • Members-only newsletters 
  • Providing early access to deals or content 

Making it a key benefit for those who are part of the membership programme. 

Accessible community forums

Learn how we created an accessible forum within a restricted area of the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (enei) website. This grants access to only subscribed members, which gives the ability for users to share best practices, provide peer-to-peer support, and enables open discussions amongst the entire employer network. In turn, encouraging cross-network collaboration and enhanced user engagement.