WordCamp London

A few weeks ago, HeX Productions took the train down to London to experience the wonders of WordCamp London, along with freelance graphic designer, Matthew King.

What is WordCamp?

If you’re wondering what WordCamp is, you can read our blog explaining WordCamp here. Essentially, it’s a meet-up of anyone and everyone that works on the WordPress content management system (CMS). Whether you’re a developer, designer or content writer, there’s a collection of talks to suit everyone.

The main event

Across the two-day event, we attended numerous talks – from implementing APIs into websites and learning about HTML/2, to effective microcopy skills and designing websites for UX.

With so many people to meet, so much knowledge to take in and ideas to mull over, the weekend could be described as somewhat whirlwind-like – but it was incredibly fun, and hugely insightful. Every single one of the team came back up to Nottingham full to the brim with exciting insights and things they could implement on Monday morning.

WordCamp London has been on the go since 2013, and for HeX, this is the fifth year in attendance. Hosted at London Metropolitan University, there were three tracks of talks happening at the same time, catering for every side of the WordPress community.

So, what did the team think of it?


“As always, WordCamp is a fun and thought-provoking event. As Creative Director, it’s always important for me to consider back-end process changes that can be implemented for more effective and streamlined website creation. HTTP/2 talk by Tom J Nowell has inspired me set up a new server on HTTP/2 and it’s magically fast!

Equally as good, the introduction to WP-CLI talk by Pascal Birchler, using command line interface with WordPress. I have already taken some of the knowledge gained to help with updates, image regeneration and compression using CLI.”



I really enjoyed Mark Wilkinson’s talk about syndicating content, the delivery of his talk was great, he is clearly a proficient presenter, and he provided a good practical example of how you can syndicate content across a network of WordPress Mulitsites.

It was also good to be able to attend a couple of talks on our favourite subject – accessibility. Accessibility Testing for Content Managers by Rian Rietveld and  Graham Armfield’s talk on how to develop an accessible WordPress theme. Graham never fails to impress us with his knowledge and we always learn something new to take away from Graham’s talk – incredibly insightful!

It’s great to go back to WordCamp London, year upon year and see people we’ve met in the years previous or at other WordCamp events. There really is a great community working together to improve the product and the industry.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, as a content editor, the talk by Andrea Zoellner about copywriting tips for better UX was great. It made me question all of the microcopy that isn’t necessarily considered when doing a content strategy for a website. There were definitely ideas to mull over, whether our microcopy reflects the brand effectively and whether our microcopy works for our audience.


“WordCamp London was a great event. I loved the talks, meeting people and, of course, the food and drinks! My favourite talk has to be Content Monetisation Platforms With WordPress by David Lockie. He spoke about tech, AI and the future of it all. It was fascinating, it gave us a glimpse as to where things may be going in the future. David was passionate about the topic – and it sounded great! In particular, he showed us a virtual reality eyedropper that could change the colour of lights in real-life. It showed how the virtual world and the ‘real’ world could coincide.

There was so much great info at WordCamp, a lot of it I already practiced, so it was great to hear these being reinforced and validated by the speakers in my industry.”

As a collective:

We all really enjoyed being able to support our friends from BBC Cape too, who spoke about the future of workplace diversity and how the BBC have improved awareness for neurodivergent people as part of a diverse workforce and how they are using Cognitive Design.

Once again, we had an excellent time at WordCamp London and we’re looking forward to attending many more in the future to engage with the WordPress community.


We don’t just watch…we talk too

Apart from attending WordCamps, our Creative Director, James Hall has spoken at numerous WordCamp event around the world, you can see a video of James delivering his talk, ‘A Little Accessibility Goes a Long Way’ here at WordCamp Brighton. He has also spoken at WordCamp Manchester, WordCamp New York, WordCamp Boston (USA) and others.

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