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What does HeX Productions do…and how do I personally feel about it? 

Written by Zara Gemmell on

Hall Park Academy’s work experience placement, Emily, discusses what she’s learnt about HeX and how she feels about digital services.

What does HeX Productions do?

HeX Productions is an agency that helps to develop and create websites in many different ways in order to make their website more accessible for people with disabilities. They use a range of methods, such as subtitles when watching videos and also British Sign Language, alongside HeX making websites accessible for the population. The company are and have also been working with the local authorities. 

With every website that HeX Productions create, they have to fully make sure that everything on there is accessible for absolutely everyone, once they have clicked and entered onto a website. They also prove to nearly everyone that accessibility is not boring.

So what do I think about HeX?

I think that overall it is an amazing thing what HeX Productions are doing and how they are making their websites more accessible to the population and to those who may have difficulties when it comes to coming onto websites.

So my opinion overall, I think that what HeX Productions are doing is absolutely incredible. I also love the fact that they are including people who have disabilities in order to make it less frustrating and easier for them in a way that they feel comfortable communicating. 

So, I am very happy with what HeX Productions are achieving and I am honoured to be learning about them and “working with them” for my work experience placement.