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How Essential is Mobile Optimisation?

Written by James Hall on

Find out how essential mobile optimisation is and what happens when you’re not optimised

Find out how essential mobile optimisation is and what happens when you’re not optimised.

In short, the answer is ‘very important’. However, in this blog, we’ll explain to you why, if your website isn’t optimised for mobiles, you should think about getting it done, the cost will be worth it.

Graphic of a mobile phone - Mobile Optimisation

Why is mobile optimisation important?

You may wonder why this is such an important thing. We are currently in what some call the ‘age of the smartphone’. On the go, away from home, on holiday, most of us have a mobile phone with internet access or someone close to you does. And each of these are accessing the internet simultaneously.

In the UK, it was recorded by comScore that 61% of web users came from mobile devices. This means that if your site isn’t fully optimised, you could be losing out of more than half your customers. If you have an international business, the UK has the lowest number of mobile users with the USA reaching 71% and Indonesia reaching a huge 91%.

It was in 2014 that mobile web use first overtook the traditional desktop access. Since, it has been constantly growing with more and more people accessing websites and service on mobile devices rather than their desktop or laptop.

So why should my site be optimised for mobile?

If you were browsing on your mobile and went on a web page where you had to tip your phone, zoom in, unable to view pages properly – you’re going to be unhappy and leave the website as soon as you can. These mobile users to your businesses site will be having the same reaction again and again. And here’s the worst thing, your competitors may have a mobile optimised site – so that’s where all your failed leads are going.

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It’s obvious, you want to be found on Google – every business I know wants to be number one on Google. But there’s a problem with that if you don’t have an optimised site. Why? Because Google knows, it’s algorithms have visited your website and they feed back to Google that your site isn’t optimised for mobile. The result is a huge demotion in search engine positioning.

Another angle that many people don’t realise is the offline integration that is involved with mobile optimised sites. We’ve all seen QR Codes that link to a site, or a specific page on a website, but without a mobile optimised site, these users who scan the code are going to drop off with significant speed when they can’t access or read your site.

Lastly, you’ve got the brand image. We all understand how negative opinions can spread and destroy a brand’s once pristine image. Similarly, with non-mobile optimised sites, there’s going to be a point where people complain. You could have the best product or service in the industry, but a non-mobile responsive site will impact on your brand immediately.


If you have an existing site, we recommend you speak to your web development company about creating a mobile optimised site. If you’re looking to have a website designed, make sure you go to someone who is professional and understand the importance of optimisation for mobile.