The value of your brand

Why is your logo and marketing promo such a big deal?

Branding is the first thing you have to think about when starting your business. What audience are you trying to reach? What message are you trying to portray? What do you want them to think the first time they see your logo? Here, our designer Matthew King tells us why the value of your brand is the most important thing.

The golden arches of McDonald’s ‘M,’ the 4 strong rings proudly displayed on Audi cars, the famous Nike tick. All logos that come into your head with one simple mention, all logos that show why your branding is crucial in establishing your business.

A common mistake made by many companies is thinking that branding is simply a logo or graphic, when in reality it goes a lot further than that. Branding involves every aspect of a customer’s experience, from first seeing your logo to visiting your website, interacting with your social media posts, recognising your business promotional material, and finally meeting your staff, wearing their branded uniforms!

The brand is the way in which people see you and your business. If you want to portray yourself as a chatty, informal agency, this can show on your social media and branding, as would your ethos for a formal company with straight to the point messages. Finding your voice is something you need to establish from the beginning of your business, ensuring people know what to expect from your approach to business.

Your brand should be strong, easily identifiable and should flow throughout all of your marketing material. A logo that works on social media icons, pop up banners, business cards and notebooks is a must, and if you can weave in a tag line or company motto, even better. Linking this across the different branding materials will make your company look organised, and will be easy to recognise when they see you on social media, at exhibitions and networking events you may attend.

Recognition is key throughout your branding. Ensuring people know your message, know your ethos, and recognise your logo and the work you do is the main aim. You should never be afraid to give a business card due to brand embarrassment. Making sure your message is clear, and your contact information is easy to understand will help customers know what they are getting from your service, and look forward to receiving it.

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