The Digital Buying Guide – HeX Edition

We take a look at the Government’s new advice on digital procurement and add in some additions of our own.

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Higher Education Establishments Are Not Exempt From Accessibility Regulations

In the first of our four part series on higher education and accessibility, we look at the Accessibility Regulations and what they say about higher education establishments


How Accessibility can help Artificial Intelligence

In this blog we discuss how accessibility can help AI

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Accessibility

In this blog we look at how AI and machine learning make disabled people’s lives easier and discuss whether AI can help accessibility become easier to implement.

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Tests revealed only 2% of online sales were accessible to disabled people

After carrying out accessibility audits on the top 50 e-commerce giants in the UK, we found that, shockingly, only 1 of those will pose no issues for disabled people.

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7 Things Disabled People Need From Your Website

As inclusion advocates, we delve into what a disabled person wants from your website or digital service. From clear and concise content to smart choice of colour

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Introduction to Content Design: (Part 4)

Our Content Specialist, Ben, describes what he’s learnt about the relationship between data and content in the GOV.UK Content Design course

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