Making your website accessible for people with learning disabilities and cognitive impairments

When users have varying needs, making your digital service accessible can be challenging. In this blog we provide the best practices to ensuring your digital service is accessible to those with learning disabilities and difficulties

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How to Build an Autism-Friendly Website

More than 700,000 in the UK alone are autistic, which is more than 1 in 100. Making sure your website is designed with this users in mind not only increases usability for them, but across the board.

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JavaScript Render Blocking is Bad for Accessibility

We take a brief look at render blocking and how eliminating render blocking can cause accessibility issues

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Accessibility Events 2021

A list of all of the accessibility, digital or disability focused events happening in 2021

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Accessibility Practices Higher Education Establishments Should be Using

In the third of our four part series on higher education and accessibility, we look at what procedures and practices higher education establishments should be using to make their digital services more accessible.

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Challenges That Higher Education Face in Becoming Accessible

In the second of our four part series on higher education and accessibility, we look at the challenges higher education establishments face in making their digital services accessible.

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