How we helped Long Eaton's Disability Gaming Specialists

For the past year, we have been working with Long Eaton Powered Mobility Integration Service, better known as LEPMIS.

LEPMIS wanted a whole rebrand of their product. We took their name and changed it to Game Access, totally redesigned their logo, and modernised their site with a completely new look.

The company specialise in gaming products which allow disabled people to enjoy any video game, social media site, website, and subscription film and music site. The technology works by allowing gamers to plug custom made switches into video game consoles, alongside joysticks and pedals which allow them to play without restrictions.

Once again we worked with the Woocommerce sales platform on WordPress to provide a place for them to sell their products, emphasising their custom built technologies and how they can help disabled gamers. With this in mind, we divided the site up into a section for gamers and one for professionals. Users can now find the advice or products they require by following the links, and then see the products that LEMPIS offers under a separate tab and the business can now sell and moderate their products, as well as accept complicated and customised orders with ease and accuracy.

Updating the company brand, we have given LEPMIS a totally new image to make their site look and feel more authentic. By changing their name and logo, directors can now start to establish a name for themselves and the work they do.

Take a look at the site here.

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