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What is inclusive web design?

Inclusive design means creating websites, applications, browsers, tools, and every other digital product in a way that ensures all users receive an equal experience.


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Setting the record straight: A guide to accessibility overlays

If you’re thinking about building an accessible website, or you’re looking for best accessibility practices, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ve come across the use of accessibility toolbars. These are also known as ‘accessibility overlays’. In this guide we look into whether they are good or bad for accessibility on websites.


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Queen Mary University of London audit testing and accessibility training 


Accessibility, Education

Accessibility training with global computer software giants Canonical


Accessibility, Training

Helping NUH Life give the gift of life through accessible information


Accessibility, Development, Maintenance, Training, Web design

Accessible web development for Queen Mary University of London Alumni


Accessibility, Development, Taxonomy, Web design, Education

Enabling King’s College London to communicate with accessible content


Accessibility, Training, Education

Accessible website design for blind users or people with low vision

The most effective ways to help improve accessibility for users with sight loss, starts with considering the point of view of a disabled user and implementing inclusive design on your site.


Awareness days, Accessibility, Blind, Partially sighted

A HeXcellent 2022 accessibility journey

It’s been an eventful year at HeX Productions, giving the gift of accessibility across the land. With the year coming to a close, we wanted to share with you the hard work and achievements from our dedicated team over the last year.


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