How to Design Accessible Buttons

You know what really presses our team’s buttons? Well, it’s actually buttons themselves; when vital components aren’t designed in an accessible way. This blog will show you how to create buttons to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards.


Influencers, we need your voice to let everyone know that Digital Accessibility Matters!

The Digital Accessibility Matters Campaign is set to return in August and we need your inspiring, influential skills to spread this important message.

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Digital accessibility for photosensitive epilepsy

On National Epilepsy Week, we are sharing ways that you can support people with photosensitive epilepsy when online, this week and beyond.

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Awareness raising campaign relaunched to show organisations that ‘Digital Accessibility Matters’

After a successful campaign in 2020, and with digital platforms being more prevalent than ever, the Digital Accessibility Matters campaign is making its return. Its aim is to raise awareness on obstacles that are preventing millions of people from accessing online information and services.

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Accessibility and colour contrast: why does it matter?

No matter what digital platform you look at, there are elements of colour found across an array of site features. Having sufficient colour contrast ratios, makes sure that everyone can perceive your information. In turn, giving equal access to your content.

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Untangling a web of anxiety: a digital approach to reduce anxiety

With this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week theme being ‘anxiety’, we are looking into ways that organisations can help to reduce these feelings for users online.

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Painting a picture of Deaf experiences with Nottingham artist Zoe Milner

We recently caught up Deaf artist, Zoe Milner, to discuss the role that British Sign Language (BSL) has played in her life.

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