Why is digital accessibility important?

Digital accessibility makes the world a better place. Removing barriers that divide a large portion of our population, creates a more united and inclusive world. Beyond this, there are also benefits for organisations who put accessibility at the forefront.

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Accessible website design for the visually impaired

The most effective ways to help improve accessibility for the visually impaired, starts with considering the point of view of a disabled user and implementing inclusive design on your site.

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10 years supporting the UK’s leading mental health charity, Together

On World Mental Health Day we celebrate our journey in enabling accessible mental health resources for everyone to get the support that they may need.

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What is digital accessibility?

We’re sure you’ve heard the term digital accessibility used a lot over the years, but you may not be sure why it’s so important for your organisation or how to implement these changes. 

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How digital inclusion can help in giving independence to the elderly

There are almost 700 million people worldwide who are now over the age of 60. Though many are confident in using digital technology, there may be others that need a helping hand in accessing the vital information and services that the internet can offer. 

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It’s ‘Time to Act’ on National Inclusion Week and embed accessible change

National Inclusion Week (NIW) runs between 26 September and 2 October 2022. This year’s empowering theme is ‘Time to Act: The Power of Now’, which is focused on taking action on inclusion.

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Uniting with the Deaf community on International Day of Sign Languages

International Day of Sign Languages (IDSL) raises awareness of recognising the importance of the beautiful language and celebrates the different national sign languages around the world that unites the Deaf community.

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