Busting 10 common digital accessibility myths

Although people are beginning to understand the need to make their digital platforms accessible, there are still many myths (or excuses) that circulate surrounding why they aren’t making this the case. This blog will debunk these common misunderstandings.

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Parkinson’s and digital accessibility

For World Parkinson’s Day, we are sharing tips on how to get the best out of everyday technology. Along with ways that web developers and content creators can aid with building user-friendly and accessible websites.

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The 2024 WebAIM Million reports a notable increase in accessibility errors across the internet

Last week saw the return of WebAIM’s 2024 Million report, evaluating the state of digital accessibility across the web. This blog explores key result findings, how to assess your website’s level of accessibility, and what to do if your platform doesn’t comply with web standards.

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A guide to PDF accessibility and creating accessible PDFs documents using Adobe Acrobat Pro

The words digital accessibility and PDF documentation don’t go hand in hand. This is due to the fact that PDFs are notoriously difficult to adapt to become inclusive. However, there are some alterations that you can implement to make these documents usable for your readers. This blog talks you through basic PDF accessibility features that you need to be aware of to work to web standards.

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Breaking down educational barriers due to poor digital accessibility

In this blog, we explore how HeX Productions have supported educational institutions in removing digital barriers and how these methods can assist in providing equal access to learning.

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Is your website screen reader friendly?

In light of the recent WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey, we explore key result findings and ways to ensure your website is accessible and user-friendly for screen reader users.

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How SEO and website accessibility go hand in hand

Digital accessibility and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are both vital aspects for a website. Enhanced SEO drives visitors to your platform, whilst a site being accessible enables all users to access that site.

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