Why digital accessibility should be a united team effort for organisations 

It’s important that teams get on the same page when it comes to digital accessibility. It’s the only way an organisation can really become inclusive. No matter the role, you’d be surprised to learn how many ways that you can help shape your organisation, both internally and externally, by putting accessibility at the forefront.


What information should you include in an Accessibility Statement online?

More organisations are realising the importance that digital accessibility brings. Businesses want as many website visitors as possible to use their platform. So, they are understanding the need to include accessibility statements online. This blog explores what to include in an accessibility statement to define your site’s level of accessibility.

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5 reasons why you should prioritise digital accessibility

In 2024, digital accessibility is no longer just an option, it’s a necessity. Accessibility isn’t a trend or a ‘nice to have feature’. The digital world is pivotal in society and organisations have an ethical duty and a legal requirement to make their platforms accessible.

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Wrapping up 2023 with HeX Productions

With the end of year swiftly approaching, the HeX team are starting to wrap up their 2023 project work. Before we do so, we take a look back over some of the exciting tasks that we’ve accomplished throughout the year.

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On International Day Of Persons With Disabilities we celebrate the end of our Digital Accessibility Matters campaign

Today, marks the end of our Digital Accessibility Matters campaign, which launched in August. Over the past few months, we’ve explored the issues affecting millions of people online due to poor accessibility and shared ways to remove digital barriers.

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Creative Director James Hall shares why Digital Accessibility Matters

Hear from HeX’s Creative Director on why Digital Accessibility Matters to him and what organisations can do to become more inclusive.

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Why Digital Accessibility Matters to HeX’s Delivery Manager Emma Marmion

In our latest blog, find out what good digital accessibility means to Delivery Manager, Emma Marmion, and what she’s learned since joining HeX Productions.

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