A guide to accessible content for communication experts

Often, when people hear the term ‘digital accessibility’, they think of it purely as a web developer’s responsibility. An assumption that is very wrong. Even if a platform is built to be accessible, it’s the upkeep of online content, whether through blogs, news announcements, digital documents, or general updates, that ensures a platform remains accessible.

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Enhancing Digital Accessibility For Users With Colour Blindness

The design of digital platforms for people who are colour blind is often overlooked, even though 4.5% of the population need adjustments to be able to interact with online content. This blog looks into ways to use inclusive colours to enable digital accessibility.

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A Guide to Writing Effective Alt Text for Image Accessibility

You’ve probably heard the terminology alternative text used when looking into digital accessibility, but do you know the best inclusive practices on how to use and write it? If not, then this blog will talk you through all you need to create accessible image descriptions and how to add alt text to your digital content.

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What digital accessibility means to Shaw Trust Accessibility Services Assessor Alan Sleat

As part of the Digital Accessibility Matters campaign, we caught up with Shaw Trust Accessibility Services Screen Reader Assessor Alan, who shares what digital accessibility means to him.

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Life of a Blind Girl: Why digital accessibility has more of an impact than you might think

Award-winning disability blogger, freelance writer and communications professional, Holly Tuke, shares an inspiring blog that delves into the importance of digital accessibility.

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How to use emojis and hashtags in an accessible way

Everyone loves the use of a good emoji. However, did you know that if they aren’t used in the correct way, they can cause cognitive overload for some users and become an accessibility nightmare for blind people or those with low vision? Similarly, as useful as hashtags are as an outreach tool, there are best practices to make sure they are inclusive for everyone to interact with.

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Writing and using hyperlinks to aid with digital accessibility 

Hyperlinks are found on every web page across the internet and are one of the most basic, yet most important, aspects of web accessibility.