Digital Engagement in a Local Government – t44u 2013

On Thursday, 20th November I was asked by @TERMINALFOUR to speak at #T44U. Here is spoke about digital engagement and how I have helped @GedlingBC move forward with website, mobile, intranets and television screens.

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We Came, We Saw, We Oxjammed!

The event sold out of the 850 wristbands and raised a HUGE £10,000 which is more than double last year! We are so grateful of everyone who attended, volunteered and lent a helping hand and you can read the full thank you on the site – The All Important Figure. Find out how we helped


Helping a tweet at a time

Currently we are helping collinshallgreen, who we helped create a brand new website back in May 2013, move into the world of social media.

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Let’s Go To Beeston

We are absolutely delighted to announce that the Beeston BID team (Let’s Go To Beeston) have chosen HeX Productions to revamp their website, mobile presence and interactive television screens.


Keeping it Local

It’s been a good day today, we’ve had a great walk around our town centre (sadly most of it being ripped up with imminent arrival tram) had a coffee or two and then welcomed the stalls in the market square.

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Other Ways We Can Help

It’s been an exciting week. Not only is the latest edition of The Beestonian out but we have been asked to help out at a local meeting organised by The Beestonian’s editor and co-founder Matt Goold.

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Hitting All The Right Chords With LiMn

LiMn have been crowned winners of The Most Requested Award and came 2nd for The Best Instrumental Award For Unsigned Revolution.

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