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Matter UK are a firm that aims to improve the quality of training in the social care sector in the UK.

HeX Productions were approached by Joseph Rafter, the Chairman of The Harley Jae Trust and Director of Footsteps to Futures, who we had worked with previously, to help drive his new business idea, Matter UK, forward. We were tasked with creating the brand, creating the social channels, web content marketing material and the website, alongside Joseph and his business partner, Richard.


Working with our expert graphic designers, we worked with Joseph and Richard to create the branding for Matter UK. Once this had been created to a great standard, we were able to use our bespoke WordPress theme to make a responsive and clean website that fit the decided brand guidelines. We also took on the responsibility for their social channels and the creation of print and content marketing, which carried the brand effectively.


The outcome was that a business idea was turned into a reality, with a professional looking brand image and marketing materials to reflect the expertise that they would be sharing. Both Joesph and Richard were incredibly happy to have us on board with creating their new brand and are allowing us to continue with email marketing campaigns and social media management, as well as ongoing website maintenance.

Once again, HeX Productions have had the privilege of working with Director of Footsteps to Futures, Joseph Rafter, to produce his brand-new business’ branding, stationary and website. The business in question is Matter UK, who are offering training courses to social care professionals, with the aim of improving standards.

We started , as we always do, with an initial face-to-face meeting with Joseph and his business partner, Richard Jones. At the meeting, we discussed everything from the designs they like to what they want to achieve with the website.  We went away with a design idea that everyone was excited about.

The website, built in WordPress using the HeX custom theme was built for impact. Simple yet powerful, full width scrolling front page containing the latest news and blogs. As an integral part of the website creation, we developed a tailored courses page with easy to edit functionality to allow the team to add and remove courses as they require.  This also empowers people navigating around their site to view the full details of all courses available before contacting the team to book.

As well as the website we were responsible for their branding. With a tight deadline due to an upcoming conference, we created business cards, brochures and pop-up banners in the decided brand colour of green.  The brochure mirrored the website content and provided full course details and an introduction to the Matter UK team.

We worked closely with Richard and Joseph to get across their ideas of a perfect website and branding, the outcome was that they were extremely happy with the result and the speed that we were able to turn the project around.

The idea for the brand image was a simple one of a girl blowing on a dandelion, something we all do as children, this was carried through and reflected in the company logo.

Joe Rafter, Managing Director commented on what HeX Productions for the business: “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with James and the wider Hex team and they have done an outstanding job for us which is why I decided to get their assistance with our most ambitious project yet. Hex have been assisting us in a new start-up company with building our website, creating our brand, marketing materials and provided us with a strategy to establish a social media presence. In addition to this, they are teaching me and my team how to blog, write articles and generally reach out to our target market.”

Matter UK wishes to improve the outcome of young people in social care. The aim is to develop and improve the training standards of the social care industry, change the societal perception and allow for positive reflection to enable children to thrive in their environment and build a better future.

We will be continuing our work with Matter from on-going website maintenance to e-mail marketing and social media. We are looking forward to marching ahead with Matter and increasing their client base and raising awareness for the cause.

Relationship building with Managing Director of Matter

HeX Productions have been assisting us in a new start-up company from building our website, creating our brand, marketing materials to providing us with a strategy to establish a social media presence. In addition to this, they are teaching me and my team how to blog, write articles and generally reach out to our target market.

Not only do Hex provide an excellent and professional service, but they’ve taken time out to build a trusting relationship with us. They make their work personalised to their clients and they focus on the client’s needs.

Joe Rafter, Matter
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