What’s new in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2

Last month, a series of new additions were announced to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This blog explores what you need to implement to remain compliant with web standards under WCAG version 2.2.

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Why World Usability Day Matters

World Usability Day is an annual event, which aims to make life that bit easier for many people. It does so, through raising awareness on the need for services and products to be accessible and simple to use by everyone.

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Ways to make your website accessible for those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

If your web pages aren’t structured in a certain way, it can cause accessibility barriers for those with ADHD. This may mean that they won’t stay on your site for very long and may not return.

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Accessible website design for blind users and people with low vision

The most effective ways to help improve accessibility for users with sight loss, starts with considering the point of view of a disabled user and implementing inclusive design on your site.

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Writing and structuring content for people with dyslexia  

With 1 out of 10 people being dyslexic, it’s important to consider the way we both write and present our digital content in order for it to be inclusive. This blog presents simple fixes that you can make to your web pages to aid with accessibility.

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Enabling digital inclusion for older people

Today, there are almost 11 million people aged 65 and over, that’s 19% of the total population and this figure is set to rapidly increase over the next few years. Though many older people are confident in using digital technology, there may be others that need a helping hand in accessing the vital information and services that the internet can offer. 

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Accessible web design for people living with dementia or have problems with their memory

With the internet being an indispensable resource, many people turn to online tools, resources and support when they are concerned about their memory or to seek advice with their diagnosis. This, along with continuing to use everyday services that they are familiar with. So, it is crucial that digital platforms are simplistic to navigate and easy to understand.

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