What Makes A Story Newsworthy?

Find out what factors make an article newsworthy

It’s a common question when it comes to writing a press release. Any PR and marketing professional should constantly ask the question of whether something is newsworthy or not.

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How Essential is Mobile Optimisation?

Find out how essential mobile optimisation is and what happens when you’re not optimised

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Viral Marketing – How it works

Find out how viral marketing works and the factors that make up a great viral marketing message.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been studying a term that we all subconsciously experience daily, that term is viral marketing.

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The Troll that is Stopping your Conversion Rates

Find out how to stop the troll that is stopping your potential customers dead in their tracks.

For every website that has an online shop, getting customers through the sales funnel and finally past the buying stage can feel like a constant battle with very little reason as to why it happens.

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HeX Productions is Growing More Than Ever

Two new staff members, a brand-new city centre office, almost ten new web and maintenance clients and a turnover that is constantly growing. That’s what life has been like in the last six months here at HeX Productions.


Top 10 Reasons You Should Use a Good Web Agency

We’ve compiled a list of reasons why you need to make sure you choose a good web agency when it comes to your online journey.


How we rebranded Confirm A Kill

Find out how the team at HeX Productions went about rebranding Confirm A Kill.

As you may have seen, HeX Productions has recently rebranded the Confirm A Kill website, social media and marketing material.