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How to write an accessibility statement

Nowadays, more organisations are including statements on their websites that clearly defines the site’s level of accessibility. This blog will look into why they are so important and what you should include within an accessibility statement.


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Accessibility in web development

Your organisation may be looking at building a new website or looking at ways that you can make your current site more accessible. Whichever way you are beginning your A11y journey, our blog will talk you through the importance of accessible web development and best practices for developers.


Advice, Industry, Accessibility

The benefits of digital accessibility

Digital accessibility makes the world a better place. Removing barriers that divide a large portion of our population, creates a more united and inclusive world. Beyond this, there are also benefits for organisations who put accessibility at the forefront.


Advice, Digital Accessibility Matters, Accessibility

Making your website accessible for people with learning disabilities and cognitive impairments

When users have varying needs, making your digital service accessible can be challenging. In this blog we provide the best practices to ensuring your digital service is accessible to those with learning disabilities and difficulties


Advice, Awareness days, Accessibility

JavaScript Render Blocking is Bad for Accessibility

We take a brief look at render blocking and how eliminating render blocking can cause accessibility issues


Advice, Technical Tutorials, Accessibility

7 Things Disabled People Need From Your Website

As inclusion advocates, we delve into what a disabled person wants from your website or digital service. From clear and concise content to smart choice of colour


Advice, Accessibility, Content, Design, Development, Web design

Zara Explains: Accessibility Audit – Is User Testing Necessary?

Accessibility Director, Zara Gemmell, talks about user testing and provides resources to explain why user testing with a range of abilities is important.


Advice, Team, Accessibility

How to Create Accessible Facebook Posts

Facebook and Instagram attract billions of users on a monthly basis. But, what accessibility provisions does Facebook and Instagram have, and how can you utilise them?


Advice, Industry, Accessibility, Social media

Accessibility on Social Media

Social media is vital for any organisation to communicate with their users. But are you communicating in the most inclusive way? And, how accessible are the top social platforms in the UK?


Advice, Awareness days, Accessibility, Social media

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