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Welcome to the Digital Accessibility Matters campaign portal.

The Digital Accessibility Matters logo, which is four hexagons with a symbol in each that represents auditory, visual, cognitive, and physical disabilities

Together, we can create an inclusive online world.

Why Digital Accessibility Matters

The web has become an indispensable resource that covers just about every aspect of our lives. This includes online access to healthcare, education, employment, government services, online purchasing and more. It is crucial that everyone can access these services independently.

Worldwide there are over one billion people who have some form of disability. This equates to 1-in-5 of us, and this number is set to increase due to our ageing population.

The likelihood is, that every one of us will require extra assistance at some point in our life to be able to access digital platforms. Assistance that can easily be built into websites, online documents, and on social media platforms. However, sadly, many organisations are ignoring accessibility, or disregarding it as unnecessary – taking away the independence and human right for a large portion of our community.

We want to challenge these organisations and break down digital barriers. Our Digital Accessibility Matters campaign will be on a crusade to do just that! We’ll be raising awareness on the impact that poor digital accessibility creates, striving to shape the digital world into becoming an inclusive online community for everyone.

Campaign Dates: 01 August 2023 - 03 December 2023

three examples of social media assets, one at the forefront with a laptop which has the Digital Accessibility Matters logo on the screen with the text "design for everyone" above it. Another with the text "it's not ok to misuse Alt Text" with a mobile phone displaying the recent "click here" post that was doing the round. And the last one which has the wording "accessibility is everyone's responsibility"

Social media campaign toolkit

Use our Digital Accessibility Matters campaign toolkit.

This useful pack provides everything you will need to help support this campaign, by spreading the word and raising awareness across your online channels.

These resources will be available throughout the campaign and are free for everyone to use on their platforms.

Our Digital Accessibility Matters campaign toolkit includes:

  • Downloadable logos to add to your own communication activity
  • A great range of social media imagery assets
  • Suggested social media post messaging
  • What hashtags and tags to use on your posts
  • Useful resources to link to


a key on a keyboard which says "spread the word" next to an icon of a group of people

How you can get involved

We are hoping to get as many people talking about the crucial need for good digital accessibility, and raising awareness over as many social platforms and websites as possible. If you’re an advocate for positive change and a fellow A11y, then we need your help!

Working together, we can show organisations and individuals that Digital Accessibility Matters! There are many ways to do so, such as:

  • Using our social media graphics and messaging, found in our toolkit, across your digital platforms.
  • We want to hear your stories; share your experiences about poor digital accessibility. Remember to tag us @HeX_Productions and use the hashtag #DigitalAccessibilityMatters.
  • Let us know if you are holding your own activities or events.
  • Report any inaccessible websites that you discover.



Latest blogs from the campaign

Enabling digital inclusion for older people

Today, there are almost 11 million people aged 65 and over, that’s 19% of the total population and this figure is set to rapidly increase over the next few years. Though many older people are confident in using digital technology, there may be others that need a helping hand in accessing the vital information and services that the internet can offer. 

Awareness days, Digital Accessibility Matters, Accessibility

Accessible web design for people living with dementia

With the internet being an indispensable resource, many people turn to online tools, resources and support when they are concerned about their memory or to seek advice with their diagnosis. This, along with continuing to use everyday services that they are familiar with. So, it is crucial that digital platforms are simplistic to navigate and easy to understand.

Awareness days, Digital Accessibility Matters

How to support Deaf people in the digital world

Around the world, millions of deaf people still lack access to their basic human rights when online. Small changes you make to your digital content can give back independence back to your users and allow them to access your information and services.

Awareness days, Digital Accessibility Matters

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