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Digital Accessibility Matters Campaign Toolkit

Thank you for your interest in supporting this important campaign. HeX Productions are passionate advocates for digital change and it’s great to see this matters to you as well.

Our Digital Accessibility Matters Toolkit provides everything you will need to help support this campaign by spreading the word and raising awareness across your online channels. These resources will be available throughout the campaign and are free for everyone to use.

Included in the toolkit:

The Digital Accessibility Matters logo, which is four hexagons with a symbol for hearing, vision, cognitive, and physical
a group of 12 people stood with the arms in the air in celebration. Each one has a different disability, such as one is a wheelchair user, another is blind with a cane, and some have prosthetics

one billion people across the globe have disabilities

Campaign dates

Our Digital Accessibility Matters Campaign is running between:

01 August – 03 December 2023

Though our campaign is launching on this date, it will be an ongoing crusade, striving to shape the digital world into becoming an inclusive online community for all!

How you can get involved and make a difference

We are hoping to get as many people talking about the crucial need for good digital accessibility, and raising awareness over as many social platforms and websites as possible.

If you’re an advocate for positive change and a fellow A11y, then we need your help!

There are many ways to do so, such as:

Using our social media graphics and messaging found below, across your digital platforms.

a megaphone in an orange hexagon

Sharing your experiences about poor digital accessibility and tagging us @HeX_Productions.

a calendar in an orange hexagon

Let us know if you are holding your own activities or events for us to also share online.

Working together, we can show organisations and individuals that Digital Accessibility Matters!

Digital Accessibility Matters campaign materials

Use our free social media assets and take part in our Digital Accessibility Matters campaign. Anyone can use these materials, or make their own, to help in creating a positive change for people affected by poor digital accessibility around the world.

Downloadable campaign logos

Download the black campaign logo:
Large PNG (62 KB) / Small PNG (13 KB)

Download the white campaign logo:
Large PNG (56 KB) / Small PNG (12 KB)

Downloadable social media graphics

Join us on our campaign to help create an inclusive online world.

Use our free social media assets and help us to spread this important message across your platforms.

We’ll be adding more, so keep checking back and sharing.

Don’t forget to add that all important alt text when using the imagery!

a laptop on a desk next to a cup of coffee, on the screen is the Digital Accessibility Matters logo, with the wording "Design for everyone" above

Upload your photographs and show that Digital Accessibility Matters to you and your organisation

We’ve created some great templates that you can upload your own photographs to. Whether as an individual or as a whole team, this is a great way to demonstrate that you are committed to building accessible online platforms.

Upload your photographs and download the template to share across your social media channels. Remember to use the hashtag #DigitalAccessibilityMatters and tag @Hex_Productions!

Two examples of photo templates. One is black and has a laptop with the text "Our organisation is dedicated to removing online barriers" on the screen is an uploaded photo of the HeX team members Tom and James. The other example is white and has a laptop and cup of coffee next to it, with the text "We know Digital Accessibility Matters", on the screen is an uploaded photo of the whole HeX team wearing Santa hats

Use our digital accessibility-related GIFs

We have a range of digital accessibility-related GIFs available to use on your social media channels.

These can be found on our brand channel via GIPHY.

Suggested social media post messaging

Copy and paste the following messaging into your social media channels:

Post 1:

We stand against inaccessible online platforms!

It’s time to start putting inclusion, user needs, and accessibility at the heart of organisations. Together, we can make lasting change and build an inclusive online world:


Post 2:

Poor digital accessibility is not because of a problem with technology. It’s a problem, because people aren’t creating their online platforms to be inclusive.

It’s time to change that because #DigitalAccessibilityMatters:

 #A11y #HexProductions

Post 3:

Our organisation understands that #DigitalAccessibilityMatters and it’s time that everyone else became united in providing this basic human right.

Together, we can create a fair and equal online world, free from digital barriers:

 #A11y #HexProductions

Post 4:

It’s alright to admit if you aren’t sure how to make your digital platforms accessible.

An important step in the right direction is finding ways to give all users an equal experience when online:

#DigitalAccessibilityMatters #HexProductions #A11y

Post 5:

The best way to get through to organisations who aren’t taking accessibility seriously, is to hear it directly from online users. So, if you come across an inaccessible site, it’s important to report it:

 #DigitalAccessibilityMatters #HexProductions

Post 6:

There’s over 1 billion people worldwide with some form of disability. The likelihood is, every one of us will require extra assistance at some point in our life to access digital platforms.

We all have a part to play in building an inclusive world, #DigitalAccessibilityMatters!

Campaign hashtags and social media tags

Hashtags to use

Use the hashtag: #DigitalAccessibilityMatters

Other suggested hashtags: #A11y #HexProductions

Social media tags

Follow us on social media and share our important awareness raising messaging.

If you are hosting any digital accessibility related online activities, be sure to tag us in your posts and we’ll join you in spreading your events and experiences even further:

Digital Accessibility Matters campaign collaboration

If you’re a passionate disability influencer or a organisation that supports disabled people, it would be great to work together on this important campaign.

If you have any questions or are interested in collaborating with the Digital Accessibility Matters Campaign, please email HeX’s Digital Engagement Manager, Cheryl.

Useful resource links

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