My accessibility journey: What I’ve learned as a communications professional

One year ago, I joined the HeX Productions team as their Digital Engagement Manager. I come with over 20 years experience in communications and marketing. So, you would think I would have known how to make my content accessible for all. I thought so too – but you would be wrong. This blog looks into what I’ve learned, so far, on my accessibility journey and ways that you can improve your content.

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What are the key accessibility requirements for websites

In the UK, one-in-five people have some form of disability. Organisations have a responsibility to ensure their digital platforms are accessible. If it isn’t, you could be breaking the law, along with losing custom.

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How to write an accessibility statement

Nowadays, more organisations are including statements on their websites that clearly defines the site’s level of accessibility. This blog will look into why they are so important and what you should include within an accessibility statement.

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Educating Content Creation students on the importance of inclusive design

On Tuesday 1 November, HeX’s Creative Director, James Hall, presented his first digital accessibility seminar as part of a guest speaker series to Content Creation students.

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Accessibility in web development

Your organisation may be looking at building a new website or looking at ways that you can make your current site more accessible. Whichever way you are beginning your A11y journey, our blog will talk you through the importance of accessible web development and best practices for developers.

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The benefits of digital accessibility

Digital accessibility makes the world a better place. Removing barriers that divide a large portion of our population, creates a more united and inclusive world. Beyond this, there are also benefits for organisations who put accessibility at the forefront.

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10 years supporting the UK’s leading mental health charity, Together

On World Mental Health Day we celebrate our journey in enabling accessible mental health resources for everyone to get the support that they may need.

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