A guide to accessible typography

Online content consumption is soaring, due to people spending more time on their digital devices than ever before. Text makes up a very large portion of this content, so the need for this to be accessible is crucial.

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Website Accessibility Checklist: A Beginner’s Guide

As an organisation you’ve most likely adapted your messaging and branding to stand out against your competitors. But, have you considered the digital accessibility of your platform to make sure that it is inclusive for all of your target audience? If not, your site users may go elsewhere.

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How to design Autism friendly websites

Learn simple adjustments that you can make to your website content to help support autistic users and enhance the user experience when on your digital platforms.

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What is WCAG: Understanding Accessibility Guidelines

If you’ve typed ‘digital accessibility’ into a search engine, I’m sure you’ve seen the acronym WCAG appearing a lot – but what does it actually mean? This blog will answer that question.

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My journey with HeX Productions as a front-end web developer

We recently caught up with our Front-end Developer, Tom Miller, to find out about what’s it’s like working with our accessibility-focused digital web agency.


HeX accessibility empathy lab experience raises awareness on digital accessibility

Through the use of interactive devices, HeX’s hands-on empathy lab simulates the effects of online barriers. Raising awareness on the crucial need to remove them from digital platforms.

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HeX expertise is now available on G-Cloud 13

Having worked with numerous public sector organisations in the past, our commitment to supplying a quality service for everyone has been proved. HeX has been approved as a Crown Commercial Service supplier, being included on the Government’s G-Cloud 13. 

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