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Education 4 All campaign toolkit

Our Education 4 All Toolkit provides everything you will need to help support this campaign by spreading the word and raising awareness across your online channels. These resources will be available throughout the campaign and are free for everyone to use.

Included in the toolkit:

Campaign dates

The Education 4 All campaign is running between:

10-21 June 2024

Though our campaign is launching on this date, it will be an ongoing crusade, striving to shape the digital world into becoming an inclusive online resource that provides equal education for all.

How you can get involved and make a difference

We are hoping to get as many people talking about the crucial need for good digital accessibility in schools and higher education by raising awareness over as many social media platforms and websites as possible.

If you’re a fellow A11y who advocates for positive change and want to help shape accessible education for future generations to come, then we need your help!

There are many ways to do so, such as:

Using our social media graphics and messaging in this toolkit across your social media platforms.

a megaphone in an orange hexagon

Sharing your experiences about how poor digital accessibility has impacted upon your learning.

Sharing how your educational establishment have worked to overcome accessibility obstacles.

Along with sharing our resources and accessibility best practices with your colleagues and social media followers. If you also think any educational tools could also help fellow educators, share those too!

Remember to tag us @HeX_Productions and use the hashtag #Education4All in any of your posts.

Together, we can break down barriers and ensure that there is education for all.

Education 4 All campaign materials

Use our free social media assets and take part in our Education 4 All campaign. Anyone can use these materials, or make their own using our campaign logos, to help in creating a positive change for young people impacted by poor digital accessibility.

Downloadable social media campaign imagery

Share your support by uploading your photos to our template

Upload your own photos onto our template and share them across social channels to demonstrate your commitment to building an accessible online future for students.

Use the hashtag #Education4All and tag @Hex_Productions in your posts.

The HeX team are all stood together smiling within a photo template which says "we support the Education For All campaign" above it in a purple hexagon.

Suggested social media post messaging

Copy and paste the following messaging into your social media channels:

Post 1:

We are committed to ensuring there is #Education4All. It’s time for schools and higher education institutions to put inclusion, student needs, and digital accessibility at their heart.

Together, we can remove barriers to provide equal access in education:

Post 2:

We are calling for all education professionals to join us in campaigning for #Education4All.

Let’s work together to provide equal access in #education for future generations to come, that is free from digital #accessibility barriers:

#A11y #Disabilities

Post 3:

We support the #Education4All campaign!

Education is a fundamental human right and everyone should have an equal opportunity to learn. Let’s join together and raise awareness on the challenges students face due to poor digital #accessibility in education:

Post 4:

In this modern age, schools and higher education institutions rely on digital resources to enhance the learning experience. Sadly, #accessibility barriers are preventing students from having equal access to #education. Its time there is #Education4All:

Post 5:

In England alone, there are 1.5 million pupils who have special educational needs. Students that without having websites or learning resources inclusively designed miss out on their #education. It’s time to change that and ensure there’s #Education4All:

Campaign hashtags and social media tags

Hashtags to use


Other suggested hashtags: #A11y #Accessibility #Education #HexProductions

Social media tags

Follow us on social media and share our important awareness raising messaging.

If you are hosting any digital accessibility related online activities, be sure to tag us in your posts and we’ll join you in spreading your events and experiences even further:

Useful resource links

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